Switching from Google Maps

Switching from Google Maps

December 30, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Without warning, Google increased the prices of Google Maps API in May 2018 by 1400%.

Google’s Map API’s – including the omnipresent address-autocomplete that permeates the web – went from being virtually FREE to being much more expensive. Google prefaced this change by asking companies using the MAP API to update their billing information – without giving a clear indication that this would be used (very soon) for a major price hike.

In one email – Google went from “Don’t Be Evil” to raising prices by over 1400% for their mapping and geo-location services.

Beginning in June 2018, all projects using Google Maps need to need to have a valid API key. The only way to get an API key is by enabling billing with a valid credit card and for all projects. During this transition, Google simplified their APIs from 18 individual APIs to 3 core products – Maps, Routes and Places. The merged the Standard and Premium plans were into one pay-as-you go pricing plan.

The new pricing provides a $200 monthly credit of Maps APIs for free. This allows Google to keep most users in the “free” tier. Many Maps users believe this “credit” will disappear eventually and Google will automatically charge all users. Remember, they’ve got your credit card and can turn on or off your services at anytime, right!? 

Prior to Google raising prices for their Map APIs, projects could make 25000 free requests per day. Above 25000, they charged $.50 USD per 1000 requests. 

In the new higher-priced Google Maps API price structure, after the “free” monthly credit of $200, the price goes to more than 5 dollars per 1000 requests. Or $17.00 per 1000 Address Autocomplete requests. 

Google API Old Prices

This sudden change in Google Maps pricing set the internet ablaze with upset customers from across the globe. Many companies suddenly found themselves with thousands of dollars in Google Maps API charges to their credit card. Developers were sent scrambling to find alternatives that were less expensive and could be trusted to not raise prices. Mapbox, Azure Maps, TomTom, Apple Maps and others were found as solutions for small startups to large enterprises.

We took it upon ourselves to make a simple solution for Address Autocomplete that is fast, beautiful and simple to install. We guarantee our pricing will never increase by 5%, 50% or even 1500% overnight. The way we look at it – servers, storage and bandwidth are getting LESS expensive over time, right? 

Go ahead – make the switch from Google Maps API to Geoplaces. We’ll help you make the switch and your pocketbook will be happy you did!